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Judith was a stunning 40 year old woman with blonde hair, big tits, nice thick legs and a huge ass. Her curvy milf body was built for sex, and even though she was married she just loved to fuck younger virile guys.

One day the busty milf answered the door and it was her next door neighbour John; he was young man in his early twenties, but he fantasised about fucking Judith, in fact he used to spy on her sunbathing in the garden while he jerked off his cock. He was delivering a parcel that was mistakenly posted to his house, it was quite large parcel so he carried it into the house, but as soon as he put it down the door slammed shut behind him.

Judith stood there looking sexy in tight blue jeans and a figure hugging white blouse that really showed off her cleavage.  She looked stunning, the perfect milf, horny as hell and not afraid to show off her sexy curvy body. She pulled off her top to reveal her huge big natural tits, they bounced for a while as she threw down the top and watched John’s mouth drop. She beckoned him over and forced his head into her breasts making him suck and lick her nipples until they were rock hard. John was nervous but excited and went with it, his hands groping her juicy breasts, licking her tits, all the time his cock was growing harder and harder. Judith could sense this and she went for his trousers unzipping them and pulling out his throbbing penis which she started to jerk off expertly. John ripped off his trousers and stood there naked while she knelt down and began giving a mind blowing blowjob.

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Experience counts for a lot with this mom and she was doing an expert job, licking the balls, sucking his bellend and gobbling on his cock like a filthy whore. John was rock hard and his dick covered in saliva from her mouth, he began to thrust and fuck her mouth making her gag on his dick. Five minutes of deep throating and her was ready to cum all over this mom’s face, but she stopped before he had the chance. Instead she took his hand and guided him up to her room and closed the door. She lay back on the bed and removed her tight jeans, spread her legs and ordered John to eat her moist pussy. John could see that Judith was really wet, her cunt was dripping with juices, her minge was nicely shaven and looked very appealing. He removed his top and went to work licking her pussy, sucking her clitoris and fingering her tight hole. She moaned and groaned wrapping her nice big thighs around his head as he ate her out, she loved oral sex from a young stud.

After some time Judith got up and grabbed his still hard dick and demanded he fuck her deep in the ass, she applied some oil to his cock and bent over the bed. Wow she looked so good, her gorgeous curvy body was perfect, and her huge butt cheeks were jiggling as she moaned for him to fuck her tight hole. He penetrated her anus and began to fuck her slowly at first until his cock was balls deep in her ass. This was amazing for John, he was fucking the sexiest milf he had ever seen in the ass and she was loving it. Moaning and groaning she took his heavy thrusts deep in her ass, John was starting to sweat as he fucked her for all he was worth, slapping her butt cheeks and pulling on her long blonde hair. He felt like he was going to cum in her ass, but she slid off his dick and turned round on the bed and sucked all her ass juices off his cock. With some force she grabbed him and slammed him on the bed and climbed onto his penis ready to fuck him cowgirl.

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He was so fucking erect now, this big tit blond mom riding his cock, her boobs bouncing up and down as she screamed his name. Her cunt was so dripping wet that you could hear the sound of her juices on his dick as she fucked him; the mattress was squeaking and the head board banging on the wall very loudly. This was too much for John and he shot his load deep inside her cunt giving her a great messy creampie but she wasn’t finished. She kept on fucking him getting louder and louder until she screamed and orgasamed all over his dick sending pussy juices everywhere. The bed was now soaking; both of their naked bodies were dripping with sweat as she collapsed into his arms.

Sometime later and before he went Judith gave him a special treat, one of her special blowjobs. She wrapped her lips around his penis, sucking until he was hard again and went to work, it wasn’t long before he was ready to cum again. He sprayed hot jizz all over her pretty face, getting it in her hair and eyes, she licked the rest of the cum off his cock. Suddenly there was a sound downstairs it was Judith’s husband back from work!

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