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James was making his way through the park near his house one day and he came across two gorgeous hot schoolgirls. They went to the school nearby and they were sat on a bench laughing, they both looked stunning, one was called Jenny she was wearing a very short grey skirt revealing her lovely tanned legs, a tight white school shirt unbuttoned quite low showing large cleavage. She was very pretty brunette, with her hair tied back in pigtails. Jenny was eyeballing James and so was her friend Katie who was equally attractive but blonde her hair tied back, blue eyes and a very short skirt showing her lovely young legs.  They both jumped up and blocked his path and made polite conversation but James sensed they were after something else by way they were being so flirtatious.

All of a sudden they just came out with it and said they wanted to fuck him, both of them and would he take them back to his place for sex. Shocked but excited James agreed and led them back to his place, he could feel his cock grow hard as he took both their hands, these eighteen year old girls were so horny, they groped him right there in the street, both their hands on the bulge in his trousers.

No sooner had they got through the front door when Jenny and Katie started stripping off revealing their hot young teen bodies. They both had large breasts, lovely tight bodies and very pretty innocent faces but he could see in their eyes they were sex starved whores! With their big boobs out they came closer to James, knelt down in front of him and unzipped his trousers pulling out his big throbbing penis. They gasped at its size and began to jerk it off with their hands making him super erect.  He was on cloud nine as these two teen sluts began sucking him off, gobbling, licking and stroking his big hard cock. Jenny went for the balls, sucking on each one and making a popping sound as each ball popped out of her mouth, while Katie continued to suck his throbbing bellend. This amazing blowjob sandwich went on for some time, these teen girls were the filthiest whores he had ever come across, they were like two vacuum cleaners on his dick they wanted that cum.  Horny as hell the girls wanted his hard tool in their pussies, so they led James upstairs to his double bed for the fuck of the century!

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Jenny and Katie got onto the bed naked and waited bent over in the doggy position for his dick. Their wet teen pussies were very moist, he inspected each one, licking and fingering each one preparing them for his big hard dick. They were moaning for him to stick it in, they perked up their asses begging to be fucked. Climbing on the bed James first penetrated Jenny, his cock slid in her tight pussy and she quivered, she yelled for him to fuck her harder.  Pounding and pumping her doggystyle he fucked the shit out of Jenny as Katie watched from her bent over position encouraging him to fuck her harder and harder. Next it was Katie’s turn, his big hard tool slid into her dripping wet pussy and he proceeded to fuck the shit out of her while Jenny rubbed her pussy and watched her fiend get her cunt ripped. The doggystyle fucking went on for some time, both girls took it in turn to feel his hot hard rod deep inside their wet pussies, James was very close to cumming, he wanted to pump his jizz all over these girls.

One by one these girls came on his dick, their pussy juices drenching the bed, they screamed really loud as they orgasamed, they just loved to fuck cock. But now it was time for James, he stood there bollock naked as these schoolgirl sluts began to drain the cum from his balls. The teens wanted the cum all over their tits and face, they wanted his big load to drown them. Licking sucking, gobbling and jerking he could feel his jizz working its way down his cock. They got their pretty faces under his cock waiting for him to cum; he jerked his hard dick pumping loads of sticky cum all over their faces. They were drenched in jizz, so they proceeded to lick up and swallow all his love juice. Katie and Jenny had big smiles on their faces as they wiped away the sperm. They both kissed James and got changed and went to leave. He asked where they were going and they replied we have got a double maths class to go too at school!!

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